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How do lesbians have sex

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nlike straight individuals and gay men, lesbians ordinarily don’t have a penis.

Unfortunately, the absence of a dangling dong apparently causes some perplexity in the matter of what lesbians really do.

“How sexes function without the male part?” “Is one individual ‘the man’?” “Is the sex incredible on the grounds that ladies comprehend the female body?”he following rundown is a general guide lesbian sex, since we haven’t met and met each sapphist in presence, and we ca exclude each and every sex-thing young ladies do together. (Additionally, some of it isn’t’s some tea, clearly.)

Scissoring, otherwise known as tribbing, isn’t a legend. It’s basically genital-to-genital contact, and should be possible in various positions. Mr Garrison does it in South Park, yet there are far less demanding/more pleasurable/less comical postures.
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